POSTED 6/6/21

Here’s one for you.  In section 10.8 EH, we have a book entitled “Peter, Paul and Mary Magdalene.”  The author is Bart D. Ehrman.  This section contains bible history books.  This specific book explores truth and fiction about these three Biblical figures.

We have a wonderful series “Book of Life.”  On the shelf it looks like children’s books … but it certainly is not.  It contains very helpful illustrations, photos, maps, etc.  You will find the entire series in 10.2 BE.  Author is Gilbert Beers.  It makes studying and applying the Bible very meaningful.

In section 1, our fiction section we have a series of three older books that are just fantastic.  They tell the story of pioneer days in Arizona.  We think they take place around Vail.  The author is Nancy Turner so the letters on the spine are TU.  The titles are “These be my Words,” “Sarah’s Quilt,” and “The Star Garden.” 

POSTED 4/7/21


We have just place a large quantity of new books on the shelves.

In section 10.8 of the non-fiction section are three great reference books, “Martin Luther” by Eric Metaxas (ME), “Exploring the Old Testament” by J. Gordon McConville (MC), and “Exploring the New Testament” by David Wenham and Steve Walton (WE).

We added over 20 books to section 1, the fiction section.  These include some great authors and names you will recognize:  Jeffrey Archer, Harper Lee, James Patterson, Jack Higgins, David Baldacci and many more.

Happy reading!

POSTED 3/9/21

Here are some reading suggestions from the library.  None of these are new to the library but are some of our favorites.  There are many, many more wonderful selections.  We hope you find the time to explore your library.



Perfect to read prior to Easter, this book is written by Brant Pitre.  It is a revelatory exploration of the Jewish roots of the Last Supper that seeks to understand exactly what happened at Jesus’ final Passover.  Section 8 PI



The library has quite a few books written by the award-winning author.  Her three mystery series center around Seattle Police Department Detective P. B. Beaumont, Arizona County Sheriff Joanna Brady and Los Angeles news anchor turned mystery solver Ali Reynolds.  You will find all her books in Section 1-JA.


This is a magnificent tale of George Drouillard, who was on the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  Raised among the Shawnee, he was the expedition hunter and sign talker.  It is a book told with intelligence and insight; full of song, suffering, humor and pathos.  The author is James Alexander Thorn.   This book is in Section 1-TH

POSTED 2/17/21


Here are some reading suggestions from the Risen Savior library.  


Bodie Thoene is a popular writer of historical fiction.  Her novels are fast-paced, riveting and action packed.  The novels are full of interesting Christian and Jewish characters.  Section 1-TH

Beverly Lewis’ tender tales focus on the Older Order Amish, creating a curiosity about their yearning for a simpler life and return to traditional values in the face of mainstream society.  Section 1-LE


In “Team of Rivals” Doris Kearns Goodwin explores the extraordinary political genius of Abraham Lincoln that allowed him first to appoint, then win over men who had previously opposed him.  Lincoln’s bold and brilliant actions helped him steer the country through some of its darkest days.  History buffs love this book.  Section 14-GO


Explore the Santa Cruz River in “Dry Creek” as author Ken Lambert takes you on a trek across the land of three nations – the United States, Mexico, and the Tohono O’odham Nation.   Travel from the river’s source and discover the people and places it touches.  Section 15-LA


The library has an entire section filled with devotions.  Whether you are looking for a collection of devotions to use for yourself or if you need a special devotion to inspire a meeting, you will be sure to find what you need.  This is Section 5.

The library is happy to announce we are able to offer an expanded collection of the William Barclay Bible Study New Testament books. You will find them in section 10.2. We are finishing our inventory and look forward to adding more books to our shelves in the near future. In the meantime, we continue to provide books and DVDs on the table for you to check out.

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.”  Mason Cooley