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“Understanding Our Church Year”

The Christian church has continued to follow the example set in the Old Testament of structuring the year around the marvelous acts of salvation that God completed for us in his Son, Christ. We call this structure the Church Year.

The church year calendar is organized into three sections: Sundays and Seasons, Feasts and Festivals, and Commemorations.  The seasons of the church year are marked by certain liturgical colors.

Sundays and Seasons

Feasts and Festivals


Colors of the Liturgical Season

Blue, Green, Black, Gold, Scarlet, Purple, White, Red

Do you know what each color signifies?


Life Together — News Digest
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Welcome to Life Together! Through this monthly digital news digest,
I’ll be sharing highlights from Synod publications and multimedia outlets.

There’ll be something for everyone — pastors, church workers, and laity.
Everyone will find useful news and learn about ministries and resources
that will help equip us in our life together.

Each digest will be delivered directly to your inbox with a variety of information
selected to aid the whole church as we live and work together to proclaim the
and bear Christ’s mercy to one another in our congregations,
communities and the world.

It’s my pleasure to share Life Together with you, and I invite you to share it
with others.  It’s easy to print, share or save anything you find helpful.

Pastor Matthew C. Harrison, President Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod