Phyllis Ellis – President

Kathy Arnold – Vice President

MaryAnn Levi – Secretary

Cheerie Bultman – Treasurer

Our LWMLSociety is pleased to announce the recipients of last November’sThrift/Craft/Bake Sale proceeds: $500.00 – DaZee’s Hands of a Friend (Green Valley); $500.00 – Orphan Grain Train (Phoenix); 

$500.00 – Santa Trinidad Lutheran Mission (Tucson); $100.00 LCRS Compassion Fund.  
Thank you all for supporting our yearly mission project. 
Stay in touch with the news and ministries of LWML through their website: LWML.org
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LWML Thrift/Craft/Bake Sale – November 16, 2019

LWML Encouragement Tea – February 12, 2019

• LWML Sunday was celebrated on October 7, 2018.  (Banner made by Cheryl Walker.)