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S.O.U.L. Lunch DATES:

    (2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month)


Mark Your Calendars

                                                August 10 & 24

                                               from 11:00am - 12:30pm


Dear S.O.U.L. Lunch Team,

What a wonderful week of service we have shared together this week, as we had S.O.U.L. Lunch in memory of Gail, celebrated our relationship with Thrivent Financial, and served the memorial lunch S.O.U.L. style on Friday in honor and love for Gail's family and many friends in our community.  We will continue to remember Gail as we go about our normal lives, especially reflecting on her servant heart and love of Christ.  We are blessed to have known her well and will pray God's blessing on this ongoing outreach ministry!
At S.O.U.L. Lunch on Thursday, July 27th, we served 170 guests, including take-outs;  57% of our guests were nonmembers of Risen Savior. 
The next S.O.U.L. Lunch will be August 10th, with Stephanie Loesch and Jim Graham as the PIC/cooks.  They will have a picnic style lunch of hot dogs, chips, coleslaw, and cake.  Sounds like fun!  Jan Woerner will head up the serving team for that lunch because I will be in the Midwest for 10 days.

Love to you all,





S.O.U.L. is an acronym for "Sharing Our Unconditional Love," which means we serve our members and friends a nutritious lunch in a safe, caring environment as a response to how generous Christ's love is for us.  We serve without expectation from our guests, praying that God will bless this food and fellowship and do His good work in our hearts.  That's why this ministry is growing and we don't know how God will continue to grow it.  Please pray for our S.O.U.L. Lunch guests and volunteers!


Are We Thankful for a Growing Ministry?  Those of us involved in S.O.U.L Lunch ministry would loudly respond "YES!!!!"  

Over almost four years, S.O.U.L. Lunch continues to "provide nourishing food, a pleasant environment, joyful service, and Christian fellowship to people of our church and community."  In the last five months it has been happening with a skeleton team of volunteers with our winter members away.  Somehow God does provide us with these wonderful, faith-filled volunteers who work hard preparing food, greeting and seating guests, setting up all the tableware, serving the food in an attractive way, clearing tables, resetting tables, washing hundreds of dishes, and taking home many loads of laundry.  But I left out the most important thing they do in their service...every volunteer has a smile to share, an empathetic heart, and prayers for our many guests with concerns and joys.  It is all about the unconditional love Christ has for us!

Did you know there are at least five members of Valley Presbyterian Church who regularly serve at S.O.U.L. and know almost every guest by name?  Soon four members of Our Lady of the Valley will return to help with clean-up, as well as our Risen Savior volunteers.  So, what is the point here?  We anticipate serving about 200 guests on Thanksgiving Day and probably up to 250 guests throughout the winter.  There are some issues that are arising with this.  One is we do continue to need more help, especially with cooking.  Secondly, we have some safety concerns in the kitchen with large quantities of hot food being prepared, and people needing to fill water pitchers and coffee servers for about 25 tables.  Another source of water is needed in Fellowship Hall to keep volunteers safe and less stressed.  

As many of you know, S.O.U.L. pays for itself with voluntary contributions and Thrivent Financial grants.  Its monies have purchased a commercial outdoor grill, a Kitchen-aid mixer, matching silverware for 180 settings, large cooking pots, utensils and more for use by all organizations at LCRS.  Please continue to pray for this out reaching ministry, where at least 70+ community guests are on our campus twice a month, as well as our Risen Savior members.  Several of our guests are asking for corporate prayer in worship; many have shared their struggles with us.  Today I visited one of our "regulars" at St. Mary's Hospital; he was so pleased!  A few of our S.O.U.L. volunteers will be helping him prepare for a move in the next week to La Posada.  

Jesus didn't invite people to follow Him and join His church...He served their needs and invited them to be in service to others with Him.  That's our plant the seeds of God's love and grace to those we serve.  Please join us!  

I want to express my thankfulness to all of you who give so much of yourselves to S.O.U.L. Lunch! God is with us and will continue to lead this ministry as He has so graciously!

Rhoda Hayes, Deacon and S.O.U.L. Lunch Coordinator


"Will you let me be your servant?, let me be as Christ to you.  Pray that I might have the grace to let you be my servant,too.”

This Christian song composed by Richard Gillard shares exactly what S.O.U.L. Lunch ministry is about.  It has become the "theme song" of Stephen Ministry over the last few years.  We are called to walk humbly with our God and care for others as Christ did when He served on earth.  We have the privilege to minister to and serve our church members and Green Valley community members with food and loving fellowship on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month.

Please join us in being a servant as Christ was to us all by sharing S.O.U.L. Lunch with us in Fellowship Hall, in the choir room, and on the patio. Listening to others' stories and taking time to care is letting the Light of Christ show through you. God continues to grow this ministry and we are grateful! God continues to provide us with dedicated volunteers and the resources needed to serve over 200 guests! What a gift we experience together. 

Most of you are aware of the growing numbers of guests participating in S.O.U.L. Lunch this year, as well as an increase in volunteers and cooking assistants.  God is working at S.O.U.L. Lunch and He continues to provide the volunteers, the guests, and the donations to keep this ministry growing!


What amazing love and grace we have to share with our Green Valley community!


Our fellow Christians at the Community Church (300 W Esperanza) have launched their community lunch called H.O.P.E.
(Help Our People Eat).
They serve on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month from 11:00AM - 12:30PM, contact them at 625-4712 if you would like to volunteer.




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