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June/July 2017

Slide Show Insert Shortcut for June/July

Dios sea contigo Hanna!

Hanna's May Happenings

Boston Marathon - Joy?

EASTER Blessings!

March 2017 Update from Hanna

Hanna's February Update

Waking up to White! ~ Hanna's Happenings January 2017

California Pit-Stop

 Hanna's Return to the United States

Thanksgiving 2016

Prayer Update from Thailand

Hanna's Happenings - November 2016

Update on Hanna's "Missionary Journey"    click here
Hanna's Happenings - September-October, 2016        click here
Hanna's New Personal Address and Relocation Revelations!    click here
Hanna's Happenings - July 2016           click here
Hanna's Journey To Minnesota!, June 2016         click here


Hanna's Dedication Service - Project Video & Wycliff Bible Translator

June 19th, 2016




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Hanna's Commissioning, June 19, 2016 (#1)

Hanna's Commissioning, June 19, 2016 (#2)



Hanna's Happenings - June 2016           click here

Hanna's Happenings - June 2016           click here

Hanna's Happenings - June 2016          click here 

Hanna's Happenings - May 2016          click here

Hanna's Happenings - May 2016          click here

Hanna's Happenings - April 2016         click here

Hanna's Happenings - March 2016       click here

Hanna's Happenings - March 2016       click here

Hanna's Happenings - February 2016     click here

Hanna's Happenings - January 2016        click here


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* Hanna Henson - Hanna's Presentation at SOUL Lunch 10-22-15

* Hanna Henson - "Encouraging Time in Florida" - October 9th, 2015

* Hanna Henson - Greetings from Wycliff in Orlando, Florida - September 24th, 2015

* Darla Henson Service Volunteer - North Luzon Video Ministry - Philippines - June, 2015

* A Service Volunteer Trip to Thailand - 2015

* LCRS member Chris Bauer Service Volunteer visit to Thailand - 2014


Project Video - Photos

Darla & Hanna Henson Thailand Presentation, July 20, 2015



Project Video snapshots from Hanna's time in Thailand



Lutheran Church MS cross