Shared Values and Vision Statement

Lutheran Church of the Risen Savior – Green Valley, Az.

“The LORD values the lives of his faithful followers.”
Psalm 116:15 (NET)

Shared Values


*** The Gospel

We receive God’s Word and Sacraments and share His Truth with others.

*** Christian Nurture

We honor and use God’ s Word for personal growth and equipping for ministry.

*** Prayer

We participate in personal and corporate communication with God daily.

*** Caring

We show compassion and serve those within the Body of Christ and in the world.

*** Relationships

We embrace the fellowship of believers and strive for personal interaction with unbelievers.


Vision Statement      vision statement

Empowered by God’ s Word through the Holy Spirit, we continue the ministry of Christ through: meaningful worship;
active witnessing; community interaction; holistic care; and providing resources for the Church.


Ministry Area Mission Statements 

    mission glorify god

*** Worship:

Through the Means of Grace, to nurture and unite people to respond in praise,
witness and service.

*** Outreach:

By the Word and Spirit, to bring people to Christ, unite them in Christian faith, and equip them to disciple others.

*** Publicity & Communications:

To bring to the community an awareness of LCRS worship opportunities and activities through written, verbal and electronic communication.

*** Human Care:

As conduits of God’s love, to put our faith into action that others may experience God’s grace and be drawn into a closer relationship with Him through the Gospel.

*** Education:

To provide varied options for study of God’s Word for all ages, that we may grow in faith and desire to communicate that faith in words and actions.