Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers

Stephen Ministers are lay people who receive special training in their ministry before they are commissioned by the pastor for the congregation. They provide confidential one – on – one Christian care to people experiencing loneliness, depression, aging, grief, health problems, hospitalization, and other crises in their life. 

It’s Okay to Be Human – In Jesus, God became human and fully experienced the wide range of emotions we all encounter in life. Jesus experienced times of loneliness, sadness, hurt, anger, disappointment, grief, and abandonment. That is part of being human. Another part of being human is needing help from each other. God never intended us to be completely self-sufficient. Part of God’s plan is for each of us to turn to others for help when we need it. So when you are experiencing difficult times, don’t struggle alone. Our Stephen Ministers will walk with you, listen to you, encourage you, pray with you, and provide confidential one-to-one care to help you through tough times. Stephen Ministers can bring the love of Jesus back into your life.

To learn more about Stephen Ministry, talk to one of our Stephen Leaders: Marsha Schoeneberg, Dick Schoeneberg, Sharon Chalgren, Kathy Arnold, Elaine Wenholz, or Pastor Todd Arnold.

Our Stephen Ministers are ready to care for you!

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