Sunday Bible Studies

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ACE – Adult Bible Study: A study on Paul’s Letter to the Romans.
If you were looking for a good time to get into the Word,
this would be a good time to join us for Bible Study after worship!
We meet in our Fellowship Hall at 10:25 AM.


Audio recordings of our Adult Christian Education (ACE) Bible Study in Romans :


ACE December 9, 2018 Romans 10:1-21

ACE Romans 9:16-10:3

Romans 1:18

Romans 6:1-4

Romans 7:xxx

Romans 8:1-16


“Crosspoint Bible Study”
Crosspoint is our Mission Church and a Ministry of Lutheran Church of the Risen Savior.  All of their fellowship events are scheduled in and around Sahuarita, AZ.  “Crosspoint Sunday School” and “Christ and Coffee Hour” meet at 2285 E Sahuarita Rd, one mile east of Nogales Hwy on the left/north.  The Fellowship of Sahuarita is growing together every week.   As we mature in the Spirit with worship services at our new property, this time together in God’s word and prayer is critical to deepening our faith together and developing our identity as a fellowship.  Please make this part of your Sunday worship schedule.  Christian Education Classes for both young and old, are held after the worship service.


Please see Crosspoint web site:



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